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Hydration vs Moisturizing

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Though they seem similar, hydration and moisturizing are not the same but work together to support the health of your skin. The first and major difference is that hydration is delivered by water, through digestion or absorption. Yes, the skin does indeed absorb water, whether it's through showers, baths, or oral intake at 64 to 128 oz per day. This also applies to skincare products like Hyaluronic Acid. On the other hand, moisturizing the skin involves oil-based products that seal in the hydration. These products are typically lotions and body oils. Applying moisturizer after bathing and showering is highly recommended to seal in that hydration.

Giving the body and skin hydration is easy. However, locking that hydration in is where the magic happens. When the body retains its hydration, it functions better, including the muscles, the joints, and the skin. Your skin gets most of its hydration through absorption, as the water passes through all the cells in the body. This is why soaking in a bath and applying after-bath lotions and oils can help the skin maintain elasticity, retain blood flow, and decrease lines and wrinkles. That is what moisturizing is, the sealing of hydration. For a visual aid, think about what plants look like after they are freshly watered versus thirsty.

There are several ways to help your skin get and stay hydrated and moisturized. To hydrate your skin, ensure the water you use is warm, not HOT, as hot water can damage the skin and cause dryness. Opt for soap or body wash that contains hydration properties. For the body, post-shower, or bath, moisturize using Root of It 4-in-1 oil or any of our moisturizing lotions. For the face, incorporate Hyaluronic Acid for ultimate hydration, followed by a sealing layer of Root of its unscented body and face lotion.

Experiment with different skincare products to find what works best for your skin type and concerns. Whether it's indulging in Root of it 4-in-1 Face and Body oil or trying out any of our moisturizing lotions, prioritize hydration and moisturizing to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

Share your thoughts on your current after-shower or bath ritual!

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