Who is Toni?

Root of It Wellness emerged as Toni's answer—a haven for those navigating the intricate realms of scents, pain relief, and self-care. Her mission is clear: to simplify wellness practices and make them accessible to all. Through Root of It Wellness, Toni aims to empower individuals to embrace self-care, one step at a time.

Toni Robinson isn't just leading a brand, she's spearheading a movement. Join us in welcoming her as she revolutionizes the way we perceive and engage with self-care.

Our Brand

At Root of It Wellness, we've cultivated a haven where skincare meets joy. Rooted in the belief that well-being is a symphony of mind and body harmony, we curate products that embrace the natural and organic, nurturing your skin and uplifting your spirits. Our commitment to crafting a happy place for skincare extends beyond products – it's a holistic approach. With an array of aromatherapy scents and a toolkit of guidance, we invite you to define and maintain your personal oasis. Root of It Wellness isn't just about skincare; it's a celebration of radiant, joyful living. Join us on this journey to discover the art of self-care and embrace the beauty that comes from within.

Awaken Organic essential oil Citrus Scent
Toni Robinson showing candle to model

Our Customer

Our customers are a vibrant mix who value more than just a product. They seek experiences that seamlessly integrate into their lives, blending quality, functionality, and a touch of luxury. These are people who prioritize both feeling good and looking good at an accessible price point.

Our Mission

We specialize in custom crafted experiences. We cater to those seeking to build or enhance their personal toolkit. Our mission is to instill confidence, ensuring everyone we serve feels empowered in their wellness journey.

CBD Massage oil for pain
CBD Massage Oil
Awaken Citrus Body skincare collection - Lotion, Bodywash & Candle with pink grapefruit
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