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Diffuser Oil


Activate your mood by going wickless. Diffuser options take the worry out of an open flame and help disperse scents throughout a wider space with mist.

Scent: Coconut Pineapple


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Sweet Almond Oil, Alcohol & Awaken blend essential oil

Put 5 or 10 drops into your diffuser, depending on the intensity you'd like, filled with the recommended amount of water.


Quickly infuses your home or office with vapor. Change your mood with an ON switch.

Frequently Asked questions

Each bottle contains approximately 30-60 (5 or 10 drops per) uses depending on preferred intensity and 120-240 hours of scented freshness. One diffuser application typically results in 4-6 hours of vapor depending on the size of your diffuser.

Scents swiftly change mood by triggering emotional responses in the brain. For instance, lavender relaxes, citrus scents energize, and floral scents bring happiness.

Diffuser scents are subtly released over time, providing a continuous aroma, while candle scents offer immediate and potent fragrance when lit. Diffuser scents last longer and are flameless, making them a safer option.